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Where does your food really come from? We take a deep dive to trace the origins of a school lunch item: a bacon cheeseburger meal. The poster design balances different visual scales and corresponding density of information. I produced the illustrations, color scheme, typography, and layout.



This 36” x 24” informational display pamphlet was designed to be folded into a 6” x 12” map or ‘atlas.’ My contributions to the team beyond general research and drawings was to be the primary inDesign manager. This included the folded pamphlet composition, typography, color scheme, and graphic cohesion among a team of 12 students. The major challenge was cooperating with a large team on such a fast timeline.  

The poster depicts neighborhood planning efforts by the city of Pittsburgh to develop master plans adjacent to the a project site to determine the effectiveness of an urban farming center development. On one side (above), the current state of the city and its statistics are shown. On the flip side (below), a timeline of development and brief historic analysis of the neighborhoods of interest are presented.

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