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Graphic Design
Video Production



KPDC is a campus dance organization established in late 2015. As one of the original officers during the founding process, I took over creative direction and created the branding and designs of all print and digital promotions. I also initiated dance videography and the subsequent the creation of a YouTube channel that has grown to more than 1 million combined video views.

Since 2015, the club has grown from a dozen to over 140 members and holds a semesterly showcase production. I currently lead a committee with a co-designer and together we mentor future designers for the club. Since I joined the club as a freshman and was a part of its significant development through my time in college, the evolution of KPDC parallels my growth as a designer, refining my abilities with each opportunity along the years.




Our mission is to use our passion for the K-Pop music genre to bring performance opportunities to dancers with all levels of experience, with emphasis on providing a space for beginners to grow. We became one of the first major dance organizations on campus to cater to less experienced dancers by not requiring audition process to join.


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KPDC was a new club and needed a brand identity. I chose a bright and energetic color palette to represent the youthful energy of our dance mission, catering to our mostly college-aged female demographic. A simple square logo lends its way well to social media icons and function on a small scale. The typeface Ostrich Sans was adopted as our primary type choice.

kpdc 2017.png

rebranding — 2017+

Through one year of use, we identified weaknesses of the logo - it was too simple. While it displayed well on small scales, the lack of detail made for awkward displays on a scale much larger than an inch wide, and didn’t look pleasing on clothing designs. The goal of the new logo design was to bring more elegance and finesse to a logo that would also function well on different scales.


Dance videography

I initiated dance videography and creation of a YouTube channel upon joining the club, now with over 6,000 subscribers and 1 million combined views. I expanded my photography skills into motion graphics to utilize programs such as Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

Different dance groups exhibit a large range of dance abilities - the goal was always to produce a well-polished dance video for both beginner and advanced groups.



ShOWCASE: dream High (2018)

The semester showcase theme is determined by a committee, where the design team themed flyers, photoshoots, and program pamphlets. The theme “Dream High” had a storyline of a high school drama, and the graphics were themed to match. Illustrations by Lexin Yuan.

Each semester showcase also has a large all-member photo project. See my Photography for more.



miscellaneous work

Flyers and advertising material for various one-time events.